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Thread: Summer will soon be here!

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    With that in mind, I took our boat to B & D Marine, El Monte, CA for our 50 hour and some Mercury related warranty work.
    I left the boat with Brian (owner) on Friday and got a phone call Monday telling me to "pick up the red, white and blue" boat up, it was done. When I got to B & D the boat was actualy ready. Brian talked with me for ten minutes and went over every detail of what services they perfomed. The boat was clean and fixed properly at a very reasonable price.
    Scale from 1 to 10 (10 best) I give B & D a 12!
    Give Brian a call,
    B & D MARINE
    10699 HICKSON ST, EL MONTE, CA 91731
    Phone: (626) 443-3721
    My .02

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    Finally picked up MY Red Whit & Blue from Tom on Saturday, runs great and I also am ready for summer. Starting summer early this weekend in Havasu. Anybody else going to be up there on the water this Holiday weekend?

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    Back To Havasu
    The Shockwave is going to Shockwave for its annual service next Tuesday. And then...............

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    Took ours in last week. We were told 8 weeks for some hull waranty work. BOOOO!:yuk:

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