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Thread: Jet maintence??

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    Well I bought the 1996 Hawaiian, couldn't pass on the price, 21 ft open bow with a 454 and Dominator jet with a place diverter. I am not sure how many hours on the boat but the owner says he never had any work done on the jet. I am probably going to drop the boat off a Tom Papp's shop and have him give the boat a once over, should I have him rebuild the jet? I am pretty new to jets and not sure what, if anything needs maintenance. Thanks in advance.

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    Personally, I'd wait til you get it in the water to see what it does..................unless you're in a hurry to start spending money. It might be fine. Did you start it at all? Hear any rumbling or grinding sounds? He's had it since 96 but how much did he actually use it?

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    What exactly is the recomended maintenance on a jet? I've always squirted 2 pumps of grease into the zerk on top but that's it. What do I need to do before getting her wet?

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    Before you run it grease the thrust bearing with about forty pump of grease, this will exchange most of the lube. Crank the engine over while greasing. I know it will be messy but, it will cean up. Use a high-temp, extreme pressure (E.P.) grease. Do not use wheel bearing grease.
    After you take it to water for the first time, get under the boat with a flashlight look up in the intake at the impeller. What you are looking for is any metal deformation at the front edge of the wear-ring skirt. If your jet is a Berkeley with a stock wear-ring it will be very hard to see. If it is a Dominator, American Turbine or has a shouldered wear-ring any visible interference will be easier to see.
    If you ever see a problem do not run the boat until you replace the thrust bearing. Failure to replace will cost you some very costly jet parts as well as the possibility of damaging the engine

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    Thanks for the good info.

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    Use a high-temp, extreme pressure (E.P.) grease. Do not use wheel bearing grease.
    I see so many people using wheel bearing grease, then they wonder why they have problems. I use a high-temp, extreme pressure grease that I get from HTP. Never had one problem out of any bearing on the jet drive.

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