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Thread: My Son's School.

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    I am headed out to surprise my 6 year old at school today. I am going to be the "room dad" in his kindergarden class. From what the teacher tells me, I am the first father in her 20+ years to do this. WTF? Have any of you guys done this kinda thing?
    I am a little nervous about starting something that will upset the balance of nature. I do not what to become the poster child for the hated dads society. I can just hear the other kids now.... "His Daddy did it, why won't you"?

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    Good for You ..

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    I think it is great that you are doing it.. I hope you enjoy it and have fun.. Not very many Dad's would do this and you are the exception.. Two thumbs up for a great Dad.. Plus it will give you more time with your son. even though it is not individual time .. it is still precious time.. Greatest Dad award goes to you..

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    Tom Brown
    I think it's great.
    ... but if I was a father, I'd probably want to kick you in the junk.

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    Jungle Boy
    You'll have fun. With my oversea's work schedule of a month on and a month off I was able to go on many school outings with my daughter's classes. Trips to the zoo and planetareum ect. It was always fun and the other mothers always thought it was pretty good of me. After a few trips, the kids tried to be in my group cause I'd try to make it fun for them.

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    That's awesome that you are doing that! I remember when I was in elementary school my dad used to come and ahve lunch with me every Friday, it was great!

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    Very cool, I make all the events I can at my kids school. Donuts for Dad's is one of my favorites Father's Day thing.
    I have been lucky enough to be around home lately and participated in the last few parties at my son's second grade class.
    Have fun

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    Good for you! I think the kids will dig it and not harp on their own fathers for it.
    I am going to a "father/daughter" breakfast on ST. Patty's Day at my daughters preschool....I can't wait to skip work that day to spend that time with her...don't tell my boss.

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    you will have a great time most Dad's are to busy to take the time out. my daughter is in second grade and thinks its the coolest thing whe daddy comes to school for anything. Enjoy it while you can they grow up so fast. I have yet to here anyone complain that they spent to much time with there kids and not enough time at work.

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    I think it's totally cool dude! This is the type of envolvment that strengthens the parent child bond even more. You kid is really going to think your the shit now!
    Since this rates high on the cool scale for a kid, this will add to the realization that mom is the hammer and dad is the fun one. Momma may be a little

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