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Thread: Need info on Impeller

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    John Case
    I have a 77'sleekcraft trihull 21 footer,jacuzzi intake with an american turbine output Kit.I have a 460 Ford 30 over,tunnel ram with 2 650 holleys.Need to know what I should go with as far as impeller,my pump through a wear bearing and have it at cyclone right now,he is charging me $1500 maybe plus.Any ideas out there without having to go with berkley,I would have to cut and glass,don't want to do that.Please help.

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    Threw a wear ring maybe? What is he charging you for. What was the extent of the damage? $1500 sounds like you are getting raped for a plain rebuild. Just my .02.
    As far as what impeller, what was in it and how did it run? What RPM, and what mph, what kind of power do you think you are making?

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    John Case
    Think I had a A impeller.4300 RPM's last time I took it out,not to sure on the speed.The damage caused was the wear ring got chew'ed and the bowl has a flange,the flange broke and was chewed up as well.Jim over at cyclone had said something about the adaptor plate need'ed replaced and was going to go with the idea of a/b or b impeller.

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    well, if there is a bunch of damage, then the charge may be reasonable. Sounds like the boat originally had the YJ pump. I would look at the prices for a new energizer conversion kit, I dont think they are more than 1500. Depending on the condition of the parts, that could be the better way to go...

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    John Case
    Any ideas where I can find the kit?.

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    try this website. YJ Conversion (
    Not sure of the price, but Im pretty positive ive seent hem for 1500-1700 bucks.

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    Jet Hydro
    I think that Duane from HTP also has them??? Try his web site
    Here`s the link to the pump kit

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    I was going to recommend that, but it looks like he sells the pump already converted...Didn't mean to Screw Duane out of a deal or anything!

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