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Thread: Volvo Outdrive Help

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    Got a noise in the drive when in gear...sounds like a rattle mostly. Got water inside bellows last season and I'm pretty sure it is the Gimbal bearing or the u-joints. Would like to try greasing the gimabl first to see if noice changes. Can I do this? Is there a grease fitting I'm not seeing? Or is it a pull and replace type thing. BTW it is a 2000 DuoProp,(SX drive I think).
    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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    I'm not positive but there should be a zerk fitting on the side of the transom shield or inside on the boss that the Gimble is in. Have you changed the boot yet? If you got water in it I'd pull the drive off (about 30 minutes) & then pull the boot & use a 3-jawed slide hammer to extract the bearing then reassemble it! It should take no more than 2-3 hours. While the drive is off you can inspect the U-joints & lube them!

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    Thanks Gnarley, I replaced the boot but I'm a little intiminated bought' pulling the out drive. Can i pull as a unit uper and lower?? I'm pretty mechanical so it shouldn't be a big deal right???

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    Yes you should pull as a complete drive! I would never seperate unless there was a reason. But make sure to take your props off & I use a floor jack under the skeg with padding! Be careful as the drive does weigh a bit & if you use wood under the skeg it could dig in on the tip and crack it. I learned the hard way & don't use wood anymore!

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    I found the grease fitting... right out there in the open on the side of the transom shield..right where it should be, imagine that! GRIN. I am going to grease it and take out for a run to see if it makes any difference and then try to pull the drive and fix it right way. I sure appreciate the heads up on the wood cuz' that woulda' been my first choice for protection of the drive skeg. I work for a machine shop so I'll get some kinda' cradle made from aluminum to support the drive using the floor jack. Once again thanks for the help.

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    not guilty
    Better yet make an eye that will thread into the dipstick hole in top center and use a engine puller. If you have a swim deck in the way we welded up a special end for ours that goes down then angles in to reach under it.Makes life much easier.Also check motor alignment while you have the drive off if you can snatch a tool.NG

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    Perfect I just got my engine hoist back from a friend who borrowed it a year ago.

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