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Thread: Vacant Havasu Lots for sale

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    I have come across a development thats located on the California side of the lake outside of the Havasu Landing Resort. These parcels are not on the Indian reservation. They range from 10,000-13,000 square feet.. The price range is from $10,000-150000 per lot. This developement was started many years ago but never took off. The streets were paved at one point and each lot has utilities included. There are many that were purchased years ago, but the developer had past away. The family is now selling the rest of the lots. I would estmate that there are close to 30 lots available still. I am planning a trip down in two weeks to look at the area. I have to two friends that will be going with me and plan on buying lots also. I will be taking pictures and posting them.
    Right now a have a place in Havasu Landing on the front row.. but I would like to get a place I can own. The nice thing about this location is that the ramps at the Landing are available to use... No long lines at the ramp like Arizona side....
    I have been waiting for something like this for years. I asked the owner if she minded that I mention this on ***boat. She was hesitant because she wanted to make sure that the people understood that the Indians have tried to cause problems in the past. But she also said that there are no worries since she has all the government paperwork. I will be looking into this further.
    The owner stated that these are not lake view lots. She did say however that they are close to the water and the water is within walking distance or buggy distance.
    I have contemplated buying property in Havasu city, But my concern was that I wanted to feel like I was on vacation, not in a city. Especially on big weekends.
    Anyone who is interested in these properties, let me know. I would be happy to give you the information when I get it. It may take a few weeks.

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    do u know around which are or how far from havasu landing the lots are?

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    I would estimate that they are 3-4 miles.

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    is that after or before havasu landing???

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    what do u pay for the house in havasu landing? for the lease that is...and also do u know if there is a website or info for the homes for sale in there?

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    The lease payments can vary. We have been there for almost 3 years. So I could not tell you what they charge now. Our payment is around 250.00. There is not website for homes inside the park. I used to have the Ph No of the lady who takes care of it. You can get her name and number by calling the landing and asking for the ladies number who takes care of re-sale within the park.
    I saw a sheet about two months ago and there was several mobile home for sale. They ranged from around 70000 to well over 100,000.
    There is a website for Havasu Landing, you can get the parks telephone number from there.

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    This sounds great, look forward to seeing more on this.

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    No strESSEX
    Thanks for the info. I'd like to hear more about this as well.

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    Are there full utilities(water, electrity, sewer, gas, refuse)? Was the owner more specific re the trouble with the indians(any physical damage to property or just paperwor problems)? If physical damage, what has been done to change that? What is the state of the paved roads now? I'm interested....

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