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Thread: searching for someone

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    I am looking for somone and if anyone can help me who resides in Yuma or Havasu AZ your help would be appreciaed. I am looking for a man that goes by Tim Corbett, or Tim davis. He is my ex husband and has gone into hiding. If you know his where abouts please send me a pm
    all help or leads is appreciated

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    I did a search, check you PM

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    Such the helper.. Good man Rich..

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    Originally posted by MRS FLYIN VEE
    Such the helper.. Good man Rich..
    Not sure if I helped, but gave it a shot.
    Thanks M.F.V.:wink:

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    Your welcome sweety..

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    jetboat sorry I did not reply with a thank you yesterday, I really am only on line when at work and I did not have time to look at the thread after I posted. I appreciate your help and thank you so very much. I will look into the leads and see what it brings me.
    again thank you

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    Caribbean Jet
    Please check out this website.

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