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Thread: looking for logs for 460 BBF

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    does anyone have any for sale? If so let me know

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    spectras only
    have a pair for 399 cdn at california marine, ph 604-278 1880 . Or call Jim Brock [he's on this board] ,he usually has a few of them .

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    Jim Brock
    Yes, I have a set or two, Jim (818)890-1867

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    I have a set of center riser style from redline marine for sale, they don't kill your power like the log style does. heres a pic!!

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    how much for those risers ?!?!?!?!?!?!

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    make me an offer!! i need to sell to build trailer for new boat. they sell new for 1275, i would sell for 750 or best offer!!

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    Fullwood are the center rise still avail? could you post some more pics? I might consider thos efor my personal boat. The logs are for a buddy who is converting from bassett tt"s to logs (he has a 1 year old girl and wants to make his boat safer for her to play in/ around. How easy/hard is it to install these if I already have logs on my boat?

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    it would be awhile before i could get more pics becuase i'am digital camera retarded. They would basically go on just the same as logs only they are a different shape. all the water from the motor is routed to the inlet on the front of the manifold and dumps it all out of the back of the boat thru the exhaust. I started to polish, but you guys know how that goes it's alot harder than it looks. besides whoever buys them will want to either finish polishing or paint to match there project. keep asking questions if i forgot to answer any.

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