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Thread: Trailer axle(s) needed

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    Help Guys im converting my single axle trailer to tandems and i need the second axle, not having much luck in finding it. I need a 4 inch drop square tube 3500lb axle, 87" hub face to hub face with five lug hubs ?? thanks for the help

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    damn, i think i have just what your looking for. i converted my single axle last season, but used two axles with springs and all from another trailer i had. so i should have the axle AND springs. all you would need is the center pivot. only problem is that i am in north county san diego.

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    well I appreciate the info , if push comes to shove i may be spending a weekend in san diego

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    no problem. it will be here if you need it. not sure if you plan on doing the work yourself, but if you do you will need a few more things like hangers to attach the springs to the trailer frame, new fenders, and of course a gringing wheel and welder. i can tell you this though. mine towed awsome after the swap. the only down fall is that its harder to push around by hand if you need to. i dont, so it was no problem for me.

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