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    Ladies and gents,
    Looking for a little help here. Just got home with the American Offshore 2600. Those that are familiar with this boat know that the back seats and engine cover are all one piece. Lifts as one piece and has no passage of air into the cockpit area.
    Question? Where to mount the subs and how? Also, with the back seat on a 'swing', there aren't any real good locations for the component speakers up high behind the front seat. Front seat components won't be that bad, have several mounting locations there. The good news is, there's never been anything installed in this boat before, so the canvas is blank!
    Anyone out there put a system in one of these? Looking for suggestions or ideas.....something in the 1,500-2,000 watt range. I'm kind of partial to the sony head units, both for the wired/unwired remote options and the fact that they just don't skip, or at least the 9 I've owned in the past haven't. It's been a couple of years since I've built a system for anything, so I know the market is ever changing and there's lots of options out there. Keeping an open mind here.....
    Best pic I have of the interior

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    Not sure if he is on the boards, but I thought the guy that was affiliated with Wired For Sound out here in Cali runs a AO26 and has a pretty sick system in. They built Custom Pods for the for the Subs, have some custom boxes constructed under the bow....Might want to call Wired for Sound in Temecula California...they at least could give you some ideas for the AO..
    BTW..Congrats on the boat; it is very nice.

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    Thanks! All the way around!

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    Check this boat out for some ideas ( for speaker mounting ideas. Pretty much seamless.....Would work well for your back passengers since the entire seat lifts....

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    wow, that's pretty sweet! with the blower and the cutout for the seat pad, i don't have that much 'height' below the seat pad....
    GREAT idea though.....I'll have to play with that one!

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    You probably have to mount your subs somewhere under the deck or in a permanent stand alone box under your rear bench seat that clears when the hatch opens and shuts. A port in the seat base covered with a custom grill would look nice.
    I posted the link mainly to show the recessed speaker niches. It would work in your case for the rear seat passengers. Since the seat rides along the side panels, the speakers wouldn't be in the way if mounted in this manner...

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    yeah, I think the deck is the only option for the subs....damn, gonna have to drive backwards!
    The A/O has a bulkhead about 6 ft. under the deck. Have you ever known anyone to cut that out, glass an enclosure behind it (damn, that'd be a bitch!) and use that as a sealed enclosure?
    Looks like it would work, but would be a ton of fiberglass work???

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    here's what I've got so far.....
    Went with Polk Audio 6.5's, had great luck with them in the past, and the new Momo series 6x9's to fill in the mid bass. MTX 10's are going in boxes under the deck, and I didn't even lose any storage room!

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