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Thread: dealing with insurance adjusters

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    Does anyone have any advice for trying to get the most from a insurance company? To make a long story short, Iwas on my way out to Dove springs when my '67 Airstream was rear ended. The driver fell asleep and has insurance with a major company. They are going to total my trailer, bent frame and smashed body. My problem is that there is no good standerds for a classic. I thought someone might have had a older boat damaged in a auto accident. Thanks in advance.

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    In CA, they must use a vehicle the same year or 1 year newer that was recently for sale in the local market area for comparables to evaluate your trailer.
    Since it's so old, they will likely have trouble finding similar trailers to use for comparable prices.
    You need to to have a realistic $$$ figure in mind. The responsible party and their insurer only owe you the market value of the trailer. That is what the trailer would have been worth to the average willing buyer in undamaged condition just prior to the accident. If their offer isn't what you expect, provide receipts or other evidence for any recent upgrades you have made. Maintenance type items do not affect the value.
    You may need to provide your own research on comparable trailers via advertisements. The Auto trader, RV dealer ads and newspaper classified ads are a good source. These don't have to be manufactured the same year, but the should be as similar as possible in size, equipment, condition and age to the damaged trailer.
    Last but not least, you could get quotes on the value from a reputable RV dealer and provide them to the insurer to help establish the value.
    Most insurers are open to negotiation and discusion on the value of these things, just be sure you have done your homework and can back up your claims of value.
    Good luck.

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    Saw something on Discovery channel about a group of Airstream fans. Try looking on the net, you might find a link for them.

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