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Thread: what wax

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    step up
    just wanted to know what wax does everyone use on there boat?

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    There are all kinds of new ideas and products out there, frankly it's to complicated for my simple brain. Cleaner wax, polisher,teflon base, spray on, 2 part, 3 part......
    When I took delivery of my DCB in 97 I asked Dave what he recomended his reply "Pure Carnuba, and lots of it!" So that's it for me. Twice a year I hand apply Maguires pure carnuba and I'm pretty satisfied with the finish.

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    Mcquires polish followed with Mcquires gold class

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    Meguiars #20 Polymer Teflon, use Meguiars #9 swirl remover first as a light polish to clean, fill any imperfections.

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    Collinite paste fleetwax, a pure carnuba and polymer blend, gets my vote. They also have a cleaner/polisher to remove any oxidation, that can be applied before the wax. Rated #1 in several consumer tests in the Marine industry. Available on line, never seen it in a store yet. The Meguiars fiberglass polish followed by their premium flagship mirror glaze wax formula is also excellent. Do it twice a year and your ride will look sweet.

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    my 2 cents...
    i have tried it all...
    in my hands, the colinite stuff was difficult to apply and remove without swirls, etc...could just be me!!
    my recent "favorite" is the stuff by "Driven products". the guy is always at the boat shows and i fell for the "four products for fifty bucks" deal last year. it is a teflon/polymer product and it goes on easy, comes off without much effort and does pretty well with the havasu rock hard water...i use their spray clean up stuff on a daily basis for touch ups.
    i suggest that you come over and apply any of the above mentioned products to my boat before you make a decision.........

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    25 Eagle
    I like Gel Gloss aerosol in the pink cans at Home Depot.

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    1RVR RYD
    As stated previous- I agree and prefer to use Meguires wax products. The Gold Class works well, and the Cleaner Wax helps remove stains. Recently I have also use a Clay Bar to remove surface contaminates, leaving a "smooth as glass" feel on the fiberglass.

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    Where did you get the clay bar?

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    Three Days Only
    they carry the clay bars anywhere like kragen, autozone, etc. they work real good, but take a while on a big boat. If you run out of the liquid that they give you water works just as well. I also use the products from driven. They work real well with the hard water in havasu and are extremely easy to apply and remove.

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