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Thread: Havasu 12 thru 16

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    whos going ...if theres water in the channel ill be there stop and have a frosty on me...derek

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    Be there the weekend of the 13th...If I make it up on the lake, I will keep an eye out for your rig.

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    mike any water in the river...derek

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    Originally posted by LAVEYSABRE575
    mike any water in the river...derek
    I will let you know come Monday...I am going up Friday...It was low when we were up last month at this time.

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    I'll be there...are you heading up to the sandbar at all? I'll prolly be broke and driftin so help a bro out and toss a line

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    no sandbar for me to dam cold over there....some channel time a little lunch and brews....

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    Drunk tank
    how cold is the water that time of year around there?
    I hope I'm not gonna freeze my nads off! :eek!:

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    Ah shit I done been drinkin and thought you said MARCH 12-16 My bad...have a good time, it's starting to warm up here in Phoenix so maybe that'll mean some decent temps out there.

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    Yo Drunk Tank...
    it'll be a lot warmer by mid March

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    I'll be there in a Carrera xr202, Mach 26 won't be insured on the water untill April that really sucks. Probably see you in channel way to cold to go to sandbar.

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