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Thread: the worlds most powerful engine

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    Whole new meaning to "just put rings and bearings in it"

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    How d'you reckon they start that big bastard?

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    That is a very effecient engine. Did you notice the BSFC?

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    Originally posted by Foggerjet
    How d'you reckon they start that big bastard?
    Pump the throttle twice, then crank. Once it starts, nurse it along. If you flood it, you're screwed.
    Info, .23 BSFC is pretty efficient. About twice what our engines do?

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    travis hathaway
    Imagine an OTT exhaust for one of those----------

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    I wanna see the K&N for that thing!!

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    Only has 2 bolt main caps. Probably uses a BBC as a starter motor.

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    The problem with motors of that size or rotating assembly is oiling. I`m sure the crank sits in a bath but there must be a serious pump to each main. To keep 300 tons from squatting on the bearing is amazing. At 102 rpm I seriously dobt its the cleanest burning motor. But I also imagine that combustion temps are kept high with water injection. Someone do the math on how many (approx) that on each combustion stroke how many gallons of fuel oil is dumped.

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    102 rpm? I thought it was really hard to keep an engine running under about 600 rpm.

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