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Thread: HP500 external trim indicator

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    Not sure how to go about putting a trim gauge on a HP500 bravo setup. Would like to have it connected to a Gaffrig gauge but have not seen or heard how to do it.I have seen stainless marines cable setup but the indicators are mechanical and I would much prefer a gauge. C'mon somebody,is this possible or not?

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    HP it is possible, but not recommended. The problem with a trim gage is that it is not very accurate. A mechanical gage is extremely accurate. I did one a while back, but we used a sender we purchased from Place Diverter. I had to fabricate a bracket to mount the mechanical cable to and then trigger the arm that works the sender (much like a gas tank sender). Overall it is a fairly complicated process that I would not recommend. The other option would be to trade in your heavy duty gimbal for a regular gimbal with trim. Again not recommended.

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    Steamin' Rice
    I have a mechanical indicator on my boat and it works great. I don't think that the electric gauges are as accurate as the mechanical indicator. In the pic below, you can see the red cable for the indicator, which is attached to one of the trim rams on the drive. On the dash I have a gaffrig indicator so I can see where the drive is at..

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    Badblown572-Thanks as I was contemplating that idea myself and now I won't! Steamin rice-that looks like what I will have to put on.Thanks for replies!

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