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Thread: Havasu Hot laps Sunday

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    Gonna hit up Havasu Hot Laps Sunday night with a few people if anyone is interested?
    Saturday is the fireworks so Sunday sounds like a good night.
    Anyone else gonna be there??

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    I'll be there .. sounds like fun.. what time are you going?

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    8:00-9:00ish? After dinner.

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    is that like a go-cart track or somethin'? we'll be in parker riding quads but go-cart racing could be fun

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    Yes, a great track with Euro carts. Pretty fast! They also keep track of your time EVERY time you go. You can see how good you have done all year. Now is a great time to beat your times since the nights are cool.
    It's fun with a good group. You should check it out.

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    what will be going on there?

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    i'm kind of a cheap skate; how much is it for two peeps to drive till they've had enough or whatever? could be 4-6 of us comin' up from parker anyway just just to check out the fireworks or somethin' like that. go carting sounds way funner than that!

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    Originally posted by jackpunx
    I'll be there .. sounds like fun.. what time are you going?
    Careful Mark. Are you sure you can handle it.

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    Up 4 River
    I'll talk t o the group and see what they think. My assumption is we will not be in any shape to drive at that time in the evening, but we'll see.

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