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Thread: Kerry's Doing his Intern; Bush by a landslide.

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    He wisked this gal out of teh cournty.... cant blame him, Have you seen his wife ! She fuggly, but worth 700 mil... He granddad inveted this sauce we call Heinz Catsup.....

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    I ****ING LOVE POLITICS.....
    ......Just amazing.

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    He can thank Terry Mcauliffe for that being revealed. You take a shot at Bush and you get a return salvo. I've always said that every politician has dirt on all the other politicians and that's the only way to guarantee your opponent won't try to blindside you. They sit around like card players, and if someone throws down an ugly card, the other guy throws out his trump card. When clinton got impeached, how long was it before Newt gingrich's problems became public?

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    Let the mudslinging begin.

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    Has Monica lost weight?

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    25 Eagle
    Why would they bring this up now? Your supposed to wait until 2 weeks before the election.

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    Originally posted by CEO
    Has Monica lost weight?
    and she found someone to marry her!

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    He can thank Terry Mcauliffe for that being revealed. You take a shot at Bush and you get a return salvo.
    It is probable that McAuliff had something to do with this report, but you're wrong about Bush being involved.
    Terry McAuliff is the chairman of the DNC, and wouldn't do anything to help Bush if his pension depended on it.
    Kerry is making an end run on the Presidency, and up until now, had (at least) a "shot" at beating Bush. This would go against McAuliff's plan. McAuliff is a Clinton shill, and if Kerry took the White House, the plan to run Hillary in '08 would be down the tubes.
    This report will damage Kerry's chances of even getting the nomination, at least on the first ballot at the convention. The DNC will then push for Dean or another sure loser, so Mrs. Clinton can take her shot in the next election.
    Either that, or they will stump to put Hillary on the ballot this year, in a back door effort at the Democratic Convention.
    Whatever happens, this will be interesting to watch. Not just Kerry will implode*, but I see the whole Ass party going into turmoil.
    *Quote from Wes Clark:

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