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Thread: rebuild on berk je

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    I am thinking of rebuilding my pump. It was done 12 years ago with very little use since then. I was wondering what I should expect to pay, Who should I call to do it, or is it something I could do myself?

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    If you are reasonably competent with tools it is something you can do yourself. One thing you will need is a 1 7/8?(can’t remember the exact size) deep socket to take the impeller off. You could probably rent one at a tool rental place or borrow one from a member of the boards.
    If you want to know how to rebuild a jet I suggest buying the Selock jet pump repair manual. It will really help you through the process.
    Jet Pump Repair Manual (

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    Socket is a 1 13/16"

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    You can download a Berkeley O.H. manual from . They also sell impeller wrenches for $35.

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    Call Jim Brock @ 818 890-1867, he takes care of Spectra owners.

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