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Thread: water pressure regulator

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    What do you think about these? I was going to go down and pick one up today and was wondering pors/cons I know it lets only a certyain amount of pressure reach the block and it seems like a good idea.
    Also what do you think about thermostat kits? I was also going to add this.

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    I run one from Grainger and I love it. MAX block pressure at WOT is 25PSI and that's maintaining a 120-125 degree water temp in 100+ degree heat.

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    Bryan Rose
    Got a part number on that ?

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    No regulator I have my engine plumbed>one line in two lines out also with the T-Rex Thermostat pressure measured at the Intake is around 8-10 psi...if I recall. Not much pressure and no hot spots...temp is right @ 160-180.

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    RD Express
    I run one on my race boat. Not sure what they cost, but Duane from HTP sells them.

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    Jet Hydro
    I also run one. We had to put one on my boat because of the blower surge at idle or something like Duane From HI-Tech installed mine, works fine, never had any problems out it.
    I didn't have one when I ran my old motor, kept blowing the intake gasket`s dumping water in the oil.

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    Originally posted by Bryan Rose
    Got a part number on that ?
    Grainger Item: 6LM11
    Price (ea) : $56.90
    Manufacturer: WATTS
    Mfg. Model#: N35BU
    Link (

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    This is interesting. I have had no trouble with engine temp or pressure. At idle depending on lake water temp i'm at 140-160 degrees and at wot around 125-130. It seems that the block would only build pressure if something was restricting water flow coming out of the block. I run 3/4 hose from the jet to the tee then 5/8 to each log, then 5/8 to each side of the block and back to 3/4 out of the block to the risers. If there is a better way let me know.

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    Something to think you really think it's a good idea a blocks temp is always changing from lets say 125 to 160 ?
    All that expanding and contracting has to be doing some funny things to lets say gasket

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    i think the most changing will be in the ring's ability to seal the cyclinder's. since the piston clearence's are based on piston expantion rate's. cooler temp will mean more clearence(piston rocking in the cycl.) i think you are better with a higher temp that can be controled then a cooler temp that goes up and down. since most engine wear occures when the engine is cold.

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