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Thread: 454 tall filled block be run in lake jet?

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    I need to know just how much run time a 454 tall block filled with grout, is allowed on a lake jet for recreation. I will be putting 11.5-1 blower pistons,dart heads, enderle bird catcher with 10-71 mooneyham blower on alcohol!! Only want a mild tune up just to play with, kind of like info has on his cougar. I filled the block to the bottom of the water inlet holes with moroso block filler. I'm not sure if the water temp gauge would give a real true reading in relation to the cylinder temp in the cylinders with the grout. Will it work if you just make a blast and then just poke around till your next blast? Thanks gary

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    why did you fill the block?

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    Should be OK on alcohol as long as the heads are not solid.
    I would run an oil cooler for sure.

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    Yes indeed, why fill your block on a recreation boat?

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    Originally posted by badbug
    I'm not sure if the water temp gauge would give a real true reading in relation to the cylinder temp in the cylinders with the grout.
    You could use an oil temp gauge instead.

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    I filled the block cause I have seen too many 454 blocks split the cylinder walls and destroy the whole engine. Maybe I should have only filled it to about half way up, but i GOT CARRIED AWAY. I was going to run blown alcohol and thought it would be a safer way to go.

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    If it were me in that same situation I would drill out about 1/2 of that block filler so that you would have a little cooling around the top half of the cylinder. It would make me feel a little better about the whole deal.

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    I have heard mixed reviews about the reduced cooling capacity of hard-blocked water jackets. Some say the reduced cooling capacity will cause overheating problems with extended use (as opposed to a 1320ft w/an immediate shutdown).
    I don't have first-hand experiece with a hard-blocked engine, but after hearing about several successful experiences, I have concluded that the cylinder heads both absorb and generate the greatest amount of heat (not the cylinder block), and that the cooling passages in the engine block can be considered to serve primarily as a "water intake manifold" for the cylinder heads. This is because most A/F combustion in the cylinder is completed within the first 3/4-inch of downstroke, so most of the heat generated is absorbed by the cylinder heads and the very top of the cylinders.
    It is true, however, that a cast iron block is a good conductor of heat, and that heat can very well heat up the entire engine. And let's not forget heat generating load and friction factors.
    One area where you're going to lose (due to most of your cooling being up top) is that your oil temp will increase noticably. Get a good heat-exchanger.

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    BadBug, I ran a recreational hydro with a filled block. Get a oil TEMP guage. Depending on oil capacity and use, the oil can get real hot (consider synthetic). Those jets usually labor the motor pretty hard just cruising around. Cylinder heads and water temp should be fine.

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    my block is filled.water temp is cold but oil temp went up.should use an oil cooler

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