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Thread: usda clean room standards, anyone

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    Blown 472
    know where I can find info on design and fabrication standards?

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    Originally posted by Blown 472
    know where I can find info on design and fabrication standards?
    Are you looking for a company to provide a design build project?
    All designs are based on the type of work to be done in the clean room environment.
    Construction protocol is very different for clean rooms that will need to meet FDA or other similar agency requirements .
    The design and standards depend on the class the lower the class the higher the cost and the more stringent protocol for constructing the room.
    What State or city is the construction taking place, this will help me decide which of the companies I directed you to.

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    Originally posted by Blown 472
    know where I can find info on design and fabrication standards?
    I'm a gov. computer trying look up some info. for you , but there's alot of b.s. and gov manuals I been reading. can you more specific and look tommarro for ya!

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    Blown 472
    there is a company that builds packing eqiupment for the meat industry that I am targeting to get a gig and they want some one that knows the standards and I am trying to get up to speed.

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    Stupid Fast
    Call your local FDA office. They should be able to tell you which standards are in effect and where to get them. The local health department is usually very helpful too. Even the Librarys reference section may be able to get you the actual standards, but they may not be the latest version.
    I have done work for Grocery stores and Food wharehouses, bottleing plants and food packaging facilities. Mostly the standards I deal with Deal with ability to be cleaned, Ie. cracks and seams tht dirt can get in have to be caulked (USDA approved caulk) or welded, and the materials used. Seems daunting at first but its not bad.
    Clean rooms for research however, can be a BITCH. Depending on the class, we actually hire a specialized cleaning company as a consultant. Ross labs is the worst. (baby food and reasearch)
    what section of the plant are you looking at making things for KILL, Cut , or PACK? each area has its own FDA and USDA requirements.
    The other option is, Tell them to write you a Spescification, and you will work to that spec. This should not be hard for them if they have been in the Industry long. That is what they build thier eguiptment off of.

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    Funny you should mention Cleanrooms and FDA in the same sentence!! The FDA has there own specs/regs that they go by, which if different than most cleanroom specs.
    If it's Cleanroom info. that you are looking for, one of these should do it for you:
    If it's FDA stuff:
    I work for a company that does testing,certification and maint. on Cleanrooms!!
    I'll ask the boss man if he knows of any other places to look for any other specific FDA regs.

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    I used to work in a huge clean room.
    I hated it.
    We didn't make food, we made things to kill you in the dark from a lonnnnnnnnnng ways away.

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    Blown 472
    Cool, thanks for the info.

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    All you need to do is download the appropriate USDA Directive, Sanitation Performance Standards for That will tell you pretty much all you need to do. If the Circuit Supervisor gives them hell about anything they feel does not comply, just refer them back to the performance standards and make sure you can back it up.

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    Blown 472
    Thank you.

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