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Thread: Which rocker arms???

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    I am deciding on the comp stainless or the crane 'gold" race rockers. Which set is better? Why does crane offer a wide body rocker? What is the advantage of the 'wide" body rocker besides the wide price? Sorry for all the questions but I am ready to buy these parts tomorrow or saturday.

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    I run the comp stainless, and they have done well so far. They are more than strong enough for what you are doing, and allow a little more room for tools when/if adjusting lash.
    Nothing wrong with the crane units either. Figgure it like this: they come stock on some of Mercruiser's power oferings, so they are probably pretty durable as well.

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    Comp pro magnum

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    I have the Crane Gold Series and they have not failed me.
    I wish to try the Comp Stainless on my next build...Comp is a good company. Those rockers are undeniably stonger than the extruded aluminum ones, and are perfect for your build...

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    Run a good aluminum rocker. Steel rockers amplify valvetrain harmonics whereas the aluminum will absorb the harmonics. This is more important then steel being stronger then aluminum. I would recommend the Crane/Crower/Comp or Angus rockers.

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    I've run the same set of Crane Golds on my 454 and now the 509. No problems.

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    I run the comp cams rockers. They are the alum deal. Have HUGE trunions and that's the only part of a rocker that's ever failed on me. Plus they are re-buildable.
    I tried to run some Harland Sharps (re-badged as Chet Herbert) with a big roller. lol that didn't work to well. Trunion parts ended up in the oil pump.

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    Crane Golds here as well.
    I think I'm going to switch to the COMP's brand SS brand though.
    If I remember correctly "Froggystyle" trashed a Crane Gold on his Merlin 509 with the "OTR" boat. You would have to get more info on that but nonetheless he told me it just about cracked itself up.
    But remember he was running nearly .700"+ cam lift and I "was" only pushing .580"

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    The biggest problem I've experienced with the Crane Gold Series is the think polylocks tend to fatigue and crack. Granted this is on the older style. I do believe they went to the bigger beefier style polys on the new models.
    I'm planning on going with the Crowers in the near future and deep sixing the golds (if you're interested Mike).

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    You're right. That poly locks are beefier this time around on the Golds.
    But on the other hand the Crowers do rock! Those along with the steel Comp Cams versions should take some consistent abuse.

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