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Thread: Flattie For Cheap...

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    ...on Just add BBC (motor mounts included):
    71 Hondo Flatbottom NJBA High Points Champ 11 Sec. Bracket.12 degree casale w/whirlaway, 2 side tanks, gauges, motor mounts, driveline and cover. Boat sits on tandem axle trailer. Great lake or race boat.$3700.00 OBO MUST SELL!!!

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    You buy the boat, Mouzer?

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    Hey lakes, no i saw the add and it now says sold,i sold the sw dragster day after you left socal,for $4500,the guy took one look and bought it,i got lucky but i do miss the boat it was fun, but im a v-drive guy so im always looking fo real good deal on a flat or hydro,,,,see ya (mouzer)mike

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    You really keep some boats?

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    I have that same boat and I would like to sell it. It needs to be put together. It's a early Hondo flat too. I just want what I paid for it, That was $1500.....

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    hey waterlog you have any pictures of it? and what does it need?

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    sorry there slotracer, I don't have any pictures. This thing is a project. It needs paint and some parts to put it together. It is on a tandom axel trailer. It has losts of power coated parts, like the casale. I just would like to get rid of it

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    Originally posted by mouzer
    Hey lakes, no i saw the add and it now says sold...
    Hey everybody, The add for the first post doesn't say says "Must Sell."
    I know it may not be my business to say, but Bob (owner) went down to $3200 over the phone.

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    I thought it was sold also. But I found the confusion. Same picture for 2 different boats he has for sale. One a 76 Cole and the other a Hondo. One listed under drag boats and the other under race boats.

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