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Thread: PowerBoat Magazine Shootout

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    Rock-it man
    The PowerBoat Magazine Shootout is set for March 23-24 at the Bluewater Casino in Parker Arizona and its Official ROCKIT MAN and his Datona 26 has been selected by Eliminator Boats to go !!! This is where the factorys bring there badest boats 100+ mph. Im just a little excited can you tell !!!
    Just finishing my new motor its a 598 with a QuadRotor Whipple built with the best !!! and have a new IMCO 4x4 drive and trans on it,will have it set at 20 lbs boost on VP C16 fuel this combination should make 1500-1600 hp. Bob Teague will be the test driver and I know he has run a Datona 25 at 144 mph so my goal here is to have him break that record with my boat !!!! I know the motor will do it I think the only issue will be how the boat handles as I have run it 137.1 mph and it handled great and I here the water is very good at Parker ., so I think if all goes well 150 mph is not out of the question.
    Keep your fingers crossed !!!! This will make my year !!!! and Im pumped up !!!!!! yee !!!!!!!! Hawwwwwwwwww !!!!!
    Will be in havasu on Mon March 22 to make sure the boats dialed in and to Parker Tues & Wed so ya all wish me LUCK !!!!

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    Steamin' Rice
    Congratulations....Let us know how it goes for you...

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    sounds cool.........Good Luck!

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    Washed Ashore
    R.I.M., a feather in your hat for sure,nothing but congrads from me!!

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    Havasu Cig
    Congrats and good luck. Bob has some BIG balls!!!

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    Congratulations Rock-it; that sounds great....Dialed in, your Boat's gotta break the old Daytona 25 record...

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    I just read your post in detail about the new; that sounds sick...makes me want to ditch class and go hang out in Parker that week

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    Rock-it man
    I wonder if DCB is sending a cat there !!!!!!! There 26 looks like a great boat also but not sure of its speed capabilitys !!!!
    Hope Teague is ready for the kind of power we will have at his fingertips !!!!!!!

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    roln 20s
    Maybe DCB will send Teague's personal 29 that I hear so much talk about. That would be sweet. You know that thing is going to haul ass. Good luck Rock-it-man.
    Roln 20s

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    Damn I'm leaving on the 21st...that sure would be a show!

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