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Thread: Spam: Boat for sale

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    1968 Campbell Flatty, 390 ford, Rewarded headers, Casale, new strut, fair condition. Looking for $3500.

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    full throttle
    Can you send some pics and info to;
    My dad may be interested in you Campbell. Thx.

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    I also have an XL Lifeline and safety orange bell helmet in good condition.
    $500 obo for both

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    I just really didn't need to see that pic right now. AAAARRRGHHHH!

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    68.....Is that the boat you offered to me and then changed your mind????? thanks alot! I love it! But now I'm straddling three boats! Should sell fast for that!

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    Big Proppa
    Check your private messages. I pm'd you on the lifeline jacket

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    The boat for sale is a different boat, The one we discussed is still a work in project. I tried to sell it, but couldn't.
    This one's for sale because I ran out of "fun" money to build my racecar.

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    can you send me some pics

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    Dude, that boat is beautiful. I would not go down a hair on your price....

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    I have a couple of people interested, but I need to sell.

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