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Thread: What cam is this?

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    I pulled the cam out of the engine(BBC) and the numbers stamped on the end are 108 F350. It is a gen iv block 4 bolt main, and has gm low dome pistons. I am assuming it must be a gm cam but I can't find the specs. Anybody have any ideas?

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    Maybe its a Ford Truck Cam......

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    Usually GM cams are color coded for identification. You can always stick it in a block and degree it through the numbers and find out what it actually is.

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    maybe that's why it was so slow I had a ford cam in my chevy. I am not going to lose any sleep over not knowing what was in it. As long as I know what I will be putting in.

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    Fiat is correct, as far as I have ever seen all GM cams are color coded on the back end of the cam. The is like by the gear for dist.

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