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Thread: I need some help with some measurements. . .

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    Got a customer going to give ma a captians call system for my boat but he says I need to measure the risers. .. problem is the boat is 4hrs away in storage. This is a 97 carbed 454/300HP with the standard Merc, manifolds on it going to the exhaust U pipe for through hub exhaust.
    How high are the risers?
    What diameter is the pipe?
    Thanks for the help.

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    I think most all new risers are 4 inch. I dont think I have ever seen a 3" on a big block. If you need the height of a stock one I have one laying in the attic.

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    I bet Rexone (Mike @ Rex Marine) will have all of that info right at his finger tips.

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    thanks dave, I will PM him.

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    If you are currently going through the hub wont you need to change the riser to put a captains call system on anyway?

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