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Thread: Did John Kerry cost lives in Viet Nam?

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    I honestly believe that John kerry and all of the other very public and celeb protestors of the Viet Nam era did more to kill American GI's and Vietnamese soldiers than their traitous protests ever saved. the Hanoi jane fondas of the world gave comfort and aide to the enemies position at the baragaining table when the Americans where trying to bring an end to the conflict. every time those ****ing anti American ass holes appeared on camera on tv spewing their shit all they did was prolong the war....resulting in the death of American GI's!
    John Kerry testified at congress that are boys were comitting atrocities and later at an anti war rally he through his medals in thrash front of a hippie crazed anti war crowd tad amount to spitting on the military. He has voted no against every military bill ever put before him in cogress over the years.
    he voted no on the Cruise misslie project, the trident submarine, no on the Apache and the, no on the Abrhamas tank, and no on every military spending project he has ever seen...incliding the stealth fighter and the b-1 bomber.
    This guy is a traitorous ****! Its one thing to disagree with your government its another to spit on your boys when they are fighting and dieing on foriegn soil.
    I am sorry f this offends you but in my opinion if you support this ass hole for President then you are no better than him you anti american stupid fuchs!
    What is wrong with the Democrats? I am old enough to remember John F Kennedy...and although he was a democrat and I didnt agree with his politics he was a legitimate war hero worthy of our respect. Now the dems have assholes like Clinton and Kerry that openly admitt they loath the military!
    Kerry is a traitor!

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    He`s got a long face. It would probably be good for wiping your ass.

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    Yes, and with all this said with so much truth behind it.....he still will get the nomination cause he's our medias boy! Don't get me started on a mess I cant fix and just depresses me that so many Hollywood fans are swayed into thinking without their brain engaged! But, what do I know, I'm the JeRk.

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    John Kerry does not deal with reality but we must. Here are some facts:
    * He's one of the most liberal senators in the entire country.
    * He has an extensive record of voting liberal for many years
    * He's from the state (MA) that mis-spent billions (BILLIONS) of dollars on his watch - on the "Big Dig" project that zoomed over budget from about $3B to about $13 BILLION (he and Ted Kennedy are responsible for that gross over-spending of our tax dollars).
    * His current wife is the former wife of senator Heinz from Pennsylvania. Senator Heinz was killed in a plane crash and his wife (who is now Kerry's wife) inherited a huge portion of the Heinz foods fortune - she's worth at least $500 MILLION and maybe as much as $800 million. John Kerry doesn't care if he gives healthcare to everyone - his tax increase wouldn't even feel like a mosquito bite to his/his wife's "budget."
    John Kerry is popular for two reasons:
    1. The Democrats (there are more of them than there are Republicans), for the most part, hate George Bush so they'll vote for anyone but Bush.
    2. He's been seen as the best alternative to that wacko Dean.
    Don't be surprised if John Kerry asks Hillary run on his ticket as VP!

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    Maybe we should all just "snake" him at 10:37 am CST on Monday the 16th in our back yards.

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    The problem is that the vast majority of the electorate is uninformed! They base their decisions on what they get spoon-fed from the media, be it news papers, magazines, or the nightly news. As we all know, the news in this country has a TRADITION of slanting towards the left. Combine this with the uninformed electorate and you get people that vote a certain way because they either don't want to think for themselves or they are just too stupid to think for themselves.
    And before AzDon or any of the other liberals goes off on me, not that I really care if they do I just prefer to cut them off at the pass so to speak, that last comment above applies to EVERYONE, even republicans. The worst thing that a voter can do is be uninformed! Know what it is you are voting for or against! KNOW THE SITUATION!!!!!!
    Personally, I don't really trust any politician. IMHO, they are only concerned about getting re-elected. None, yes NONE, of them have the 'nads to actually do what is right and what makes sense! They rather just continue with the status quo becasue it serves them just fine.

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    Personally, I don't really trust any politician. IMHO, they are only concerned about getting re-elected. None, yes NONE, of them have the 'nads to actually do what is right and what makes sense! They rather just continue with the status quo becasue it serves them just fine. [/B]
    I could not agree more with this.

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    I'll go along with the "uninformed electorate" rant, but I think Bush was the media's boy in 2000.....That's why we didn't hear about his draft-dodging foray into the National Gaurd. That's why it wasn't brought up that he lost his pilot status over failure to submit to a drug test, and why we didn't hear that he had disappeared for at least a year after requesting a transfer to a mostlly inactive unit in Alabama. Perhaps military experience really didn't matter much in 2000, but this year it matters. I don't have a problem with a decorated officer such as Kerry protesting the war after his discharge. He was exercising his free-speech rights just as many young Americans did at the time. I don't find anything hippocritical about Kerry's portrayal of himself, but I do have a problem with Bush as Commander and Chief, when he was hiding behind his daddy's influence when it was his turn to serve. His portrayal of himself as a "wartime president" is a scary indicator of what we can look forward to if we elect him. The guy has never seen a war zone until after it has been secured...Too dangerous for him!

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    Look at kerry's voting record and tell me where our Military would be if he had his way.
    Bush has already proven to be a good war time President. Kerry's past is a lot worse that you portray it. My.02

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    The guy is a **** wad, he actually said we should give control of our military over to the U.N.
    The only reason he has gotten anywhere is because the liberals think he can beat Bush their not even looking at the issues.

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