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Thread: Simply Red is on a show I'm watching

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    Playing live to the characters on a soap One Life To Live. They played Sunrise and some other song I recognise but don't know the title of (it happens ) only lyric I could pick out from it is "you make me feel brand new" and I think "precious love". Maybe one of those is the title. Nice song in any case. I think they may be on tomorrow's episode as well.

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    Are they still together

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    May have been just for this gig I guess but I actually do think they are still together. Sunrise is a new song with some old Hall & Oates blended in. Dude is showing his age big time. Years haven't been kind to him. He's got lines on his face that haven't much to do with laughs. Me I'm gonna have deep laugh lines when I'm older.

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    Tom Brown
    Originally posted by FMluvswaterbabe
    Me I'm gonna have deep laugh lines when I'm older.
    With one being far, far deeper than the rest.

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    Cryptic much? Will I understand when I grow up Tom?

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    Mick Hucknall is Simply Red
    Their (his) most well-known song is "If You Don't Know Me By Now"
    They have a number of terrific albums and their (his) best might be "Blue"

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    Thanks for the recommend (well that's how I took it anyway) MMD.
    I dl'd the title track "Blue" and I like it very much.
    The songs he performed on the show were Sunrise and You Make Me Feel Brand New. Other songs I like of his besides the famous one you mentioned are Holding Back The Years, Sad Old Red, and Something Got Me Started.

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    Must have been before my TIME.

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    Yeah, I don't normally watch them soaps but I saw that too. My motherinlaw sits there and watches soaps all day and I happened to be walking through the Living room when Simply Rad was playing Who the hell is simply red? LOL

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    Originally posted by BigBoyToys
    Who the hell is simply red? LOL
    Simply Red brief career history/basic bio (
    Simply Red Online Official Website (

    Simply Red is simply good music. That's all I need to know.

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