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Thread: What's it worth ?

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    Doug H.
    1986 Eliminator 24-26ft. Mohave cuddy style cabin, 454 v-drive with 3 speed trans and reverse, cavatation plates. This is a big boat (to me) lounge couches underneath, good upholstery throughout, windshield, bow rail, nice boat cover, pop up vent window on top.
    Nice colors, predominately red with oranges, yellows and blacks.
    Competitive triple axle trailor in great shape with good tires.
    I can't get pictures right now but overall a nice big boat
    I just need a baseline price of what it's worth.

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    Are you selling it or buying it? I love those boats

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    Doug H.
    I don't know yet Mirvin, i guess i would buy it and then sell it if the price is right, im just waiting to hear back from the guy.
    It's a nice boat for sure and it's funny to see a v-drive instead of the usual i/o package though.

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    I would say in the range of $12,000.00 to $15,000.00.

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