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Thread: Anyone with a VW dealer Hookup?

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    Hi all, i posted this on a couple of the other boards, my neighbor is looking to buy a new Beetle Convertible for his wife and i was wondering if anyone had a friend or knows of a great dealer to work with.
    we're in the Fontana, Ontario area, any help would be great.
    Thanks Mike VG

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    Give Leon Broussard a call at LA Auto Consulting 818.556.9697
    Not exactly close, but he should be able to work a deal to make it worth it.
    He can hook you up with any type car! No haggling with Salesman, and he delivered my Suburban to my house.

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    Jim Epsteen, the fleet manager at Riverside Metro VW. My wife got a Passat way below invoice. You can check thier inventory online, give him the VIN# and he will tell you over the phone his price. Easiest transacton ever, no salesman, no bs. Good Luck, Mark

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    My advice is don`t buy one. VW is a piece of shit. But if you just gotta, way below invoice I`m sure you`ll get. Sales for VW are way down. Only run premium fuel in it or your gonna have problems. You`ll have problems anyway but you can try to avoid some. I can`t stress enough to you don`t buy one.

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    Thanks Hoss but this is for my neighbor, his wifes dream car i guess, some peoples minds you just can't change no matter how hard you beat'em

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    Steamin' Rice
    Get in touch with Haullen270..... He has some connections at a VW dealer..

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    i have a 2000 GTI 1.8 Turbo for sale.

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