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Thread: Retarding timing

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    Question about all the retard components sold by msd. Whats the deal with the retard computers and retard chips. I know that probably for racers but why do they need to retard timing. My setup advances, so im just wondering why you would need to retard timing at certain rpms?

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    quiet riot
    for instances such as adding boost referenced timing for blown applications, or when activating a nos system which requires less timing. I like the adj dial I have mounted on the dash, makes fine tuning the timing real easy.

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    Just don't have you timing advanced, blower motor do not like that

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    quiet riot
    If you change boost levels or nos jetting its real easy to adj the timing with the retard systems, also works well for elevation adjustments and different gas octanes, etc, etc.. Most applications don't need it however.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Pinging = not good
    Pinging + blower or Nitrous = really not good

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    Oh Bang!

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