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Thread: These look affordable.....

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    ......Mercury Racing 1075SCI, Pricing TBA.

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    Dr. Eagle
    Ye$, I am $ure that they are very co$t effective. In fact, I think a $lew of $uper fast $emi vee hull$ will be $electing them for their $uper affordable power.

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    Dave C
    I wonder if you price quote comes with tums?
    can I write you a check?

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    Only two in that boat what a shame

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    We will all be in line to buy them both

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    YEAH, im sure they wont be very expensive. Mercury isnt proud of there products at all!

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    roln 20s
    With the amount of $$$$$ that these bad boys are, do you think I can get them to throw that exhaust run in as standard or is that 10 extra feet of Exhaust Pipe extra?
    Killer motors though. If I recall, I read that Merc had a recommended rebuilt time of 25 hours on their 1050SCis. I wonder what these are? One year warranty?

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    Havasu Cig
    A person posted on OSO that he talked to the Mercury guys at the Miami show, and price was 149k for motor and #6 dry sump. That includes a rebuild at 50 hours. A lot of $$$$.
    BTW: Gotta love the rigging on that Cig.

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    Mighty thoughtful of them to throw in a rebuild. Hope it does
    not cut into their profit margin.
    The boat is puss, however.

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