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Thread: Pics from the road

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    I had to make a delivery to Danville Va yesterday.
    Had the camera with me and saw some interesting stuff.
    Like this old Fordson tractor,
    and this GTO convertible rotting away under a shed,
    And this must be where old Ford trucks go to die,
    I figured Dan would like this,
    Got back at 8:30PM (I go in at 7) long day, but it was a nice day for a drive:wink:

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    Wet Dream
    Dan would buy that green car for $5000 and sell it on Ebay for $10,000. Well, I guess he could if he knew how to post pics.

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    I got the picture thing all fixed... Loaded up E-Bay tonight....
    Im not sure if that Speedster is a Ford or not. I have a very good friend with two Speedsters. They both have over head conversions on them. He has raced both of them in the Great American race. They sound really cool for being Model A engines.

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    Green car is a British built Morgan.

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