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Thread: Winternationals At Pomona

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    Who is going to the winters? We will be there fri/sat/sun. Like to see some board peeps there.

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    I went last year, but won't go back.... Terrible show, the racers were great, but the speakers all along the strip drowned out the sound of the cars with BS music and COMMERICALS from the replay big screen......$60+ to listen to COMMERICALS???? BS... I didn't renew my NHRA membership either. And told them why....Moneypitt..........

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    I will be there on Sat.

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    Going Saturday also, any place special to meet up? We could meet up at the K and N trailer, Bow Tie Rick should be there.
    Mike VG

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    wanted to go......

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    :frown: :frown: You guys enjoy, I'll be watching it on the tube! I do have 9 tickets to the next race here in Phoenix So I just have to wait a little while longer! Time for the nitro!
    Can Brandon run the whole season?
    Can Bazemore catch Force?
    Can anyone beat Greg Anderson?

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    I will be there all weekend.

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