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    I have a trs outdrive with this prop the only markings I see on it is 055 dont know what it means if anything if I want to get a bigger prop what do i look for I have know idea thanks
    for your help

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    I can't see the blade tips, but I'm guessing it's a cleaver style Merc wheel. These were used widely in the 70's and early 80's on TRS drives. If the prop blade comes to a point it's a cleaver. In the mid 80's the newer Bravo wheels replaced the Cleavers. They are much more efficient, fairly well eliminate cavitation getting on plane and turning and give an all around better performance. If you look on the inside hub of the prop (the area surrounding where the prop shaft would come thru) you'll see some serial numbers. Those will give an indication of pitch and diameter. If you can find those, you can then call Mercury Marine in Fond Du Lac WI (ask for Dennis Cavanaugh) and he'll tell you exactly what you have and what current replacement wheel in the Bravo line would be appropriate.
    Good luck

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    that info. Steve gave you was perfect.
    if you can't get in touch w/ anyone at Mercury, your more than welcome to call me. I have the books and a historical guide from Mercury that shows all part numbers on props and related parts.
    steve g. 918-245-1222
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    btw-hope you have skeg repair plans in the future.

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    I look i didnt see any marking on the inside at all

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    that's a solid hub merc. cleaver.
    should be a part number similar to this one imprinted in between the blades on the barrell.
    48-68558A4......this one is a 15 1/4 X 21p w/ cup.
    Your prop has been superceded to the mirage plus.
    steve g.

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