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Thread: Htp Barbaque Next Sunday

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    Who all is going to Duane's open house next Sunday? I'll be coming up from Katy on Saturday with my boat. 650 miles one way, that should be fun. Leave Katy about 5:00 AM Saturday, get to Wichita about 3:30 PM.

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    Jake W
    I will be there are you staying over nite for the BBQ on sun?

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    Jet Hydro
    I`ll be there.

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    Jake, ya, I heard there is a new Holiday Inn in Goddard. I'll probably stay there Sat. and Sun. nite. Monday travel back to Katy.

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    Ill be there ,comin into town sat,ill be checkin out that Holiday Inn myself.

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    Ken F
    Ruggs & myself will be there too...We are riding up together.
    Ken F

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    Duane HTP
    Hi guys, glad you can come to our open house. There is a new motel in Goddard, but it's not the Holiday Inn. I'll have to get the name for you tomorrow. On the other hand, I have a special deal with the mamager of the Four Points Sheraton in west Wichita. All you have to do is ask for the Hi-Tech Performance Discount, and he'll fix you up with a much cheaper room rate. He does this for me because we have used his motel for the Wichita Summer Nationals boat race for over ten years. 316-942-7911 is their number. Ask for Kent Mix. I'm mixing up the dry rub for the ribs tomorrow morning. See Ya All at Hi-Tech. Duane HTP

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    Duane, I don't know man, a Sheraton sounds a little fancy for a small town Texas boy. I guess I'll give it a try.

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    Duane HTP
    I got a hold of Kent Mix. My price on a $95.00 room at the Four Points Shearaton is $62.00, and that includes a FULL breakfast bar. (NOT a Continental bk). And it is good too. Single, or double. Has pool, bar, exercise rooms, resturants.
    The other place is called Express Inn, (but not affiliated with the Holiday Inn). The rooms are $42.00 single, and $46.00 double.
    Has Nothing. Subway next door. A drink of water probably costs extra. (This is Goddard) HA!
    PS; We're up over 50 people now and growing.

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    How far is that from Manhatten,Ks

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