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Thread: Amish a holes

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    Is it just my proffesion and area, or is it getting common.
    Here is the deal, I am a carpenter and am getting worried about my future. Seems these "Amish" people are moving in and taking over. They underbid everyone and do crappy work, but since they are sooo cheap the builders use them. Another framing carpenter told me that he was building houses in another area for right around 10,000 a piece. He said the Amish built the same one for 6,000 and he was then out of a job.
    They use their religion to screw everyone else and that's IT.
    I have heard they pay NO taxes, NO workers comp, NO unemployement, ETC ETC, How is this fair ?
    These guys use cell phones, electric, and they even have a fu$$ing CRANE. I have never been so pissed. They need to take that 2 hour drive back home and STAY THERE !!
    And since when was it legal to have an 8 year old on a construction site USING power tools ?!?
    So they say by using modern technology that they will go to hell? Then why can they pay someone to drive for them.
    My religion says I can't commit murder, would it be okay to pay someone to do it for me ?
    Any info on this appreciated, I need to get me facts straight before raising hell to whoever will listen. What is the tax deal?

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    Jungle Boy
    That ain't right at all. Up in Canada we have the Hutterites; same type of shit. They buy farms like crazy and work the whole communistic bunch for nothing. They also pay very little in tax and have the best of the best for equipment. Pretty tough to compete against it by normal farmers. If they are competing in the outside job market they should be working by everyone elses standards. But if they were made to do that, then they would sue the system and some scum bag lawyer would spend a ton of tax payer money to fight it and would most likely win.

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    I don't see how religion can keep them out from under OSHA regulations. Call your local District Attorney or OSHA inspectors office and see what's up.

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    Stupid Fast
    You know reading this I was going to say, we have the same thing around here. Then I saw you were from Ohio.
    I work for a major general contractor. It is a huge problem to me. They are cheaper when they are hungry but, they are a pain in the ass.
    #1 they do slipshod work
    #2 They leave the jobsights looking like a bomb went off. I can not belive how messy they are,
    #3 They have no regard for safety. For themselves or anybody else on the project.
    # 4 and my biggest problem (like the others aren't enough) they are completely undapendable. They come and go as they please. No regaurd to what is going on with the rest of the project.
    They are also a pain in the ass to get to come back to punch out their work.
    Sooner or later it will catch up to them, but for now it is very tough because work is going at about 5% above cost. ALL contractors are hungry. Using thier # usually is the difference between getting a job and not getting it. Hard choice in my shoes.
    Kinda funny too. I get Quotes and bills from them via FAX. I wonder who they pay to do that for them?
    What part of Ohio are you from?
    Good luck, It's tough out there in these parts.

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    Stupid Fast
    Originally posted by Mandelon
    I don't see how religion can keep them out from under OSHA regulations. Call your local District Attorney or OSHA inspectors office and see what's up.
    I HAVE the exact same argument. I am told its along the same lines as not being able to make them have lights on their Carirages at night.
    Also they are not a true buisness. All fines would be personal.

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    Hey, we have the same problem here in CA....they're called Wet... somethin' or others !!

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    Originally posted by THATJEFFGUY
    Hey, we have the same problem here in CA....they're called Wet... somethin' or others !! the top.

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    Seriously, Call OSHA on those f*ckers!!!!!!!! Don't just complain, Do Something!!!! Get em on the evening news.

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    Hey Stupid Fast.. I take it you are a Superintendent or something? As I read your post, I was thinking that everything you wrote was exactly correct. They ARE like pigs.
    Went over to check out their work the other day and when they quit for the day, all their cords and hoses that were tromped in the mud were still just laying there. 2 boxes of gun nails and 1 box of staples laying there with the lids open even though it was supposed to snow that night. It's like they really don't give a crap about anything. saw a guy get a peice of plywood for the roof that was not cut right, instead of handing it back, he stapled it down. Later he got a chainsaw and cut it. When he was done, instead of handing the saw down, he cut it through the roof and set it there . On my crew we try to keep everything nice and tight, whereas they are cutting big holes in the roof to store a saw.
    There is a carpenters union rep around here that says he calls OSHA everytime he sees them working somewhere, but it has not seemed to help.
    I am going to look into this though. This is MY life they are screwing with and I will not have them taking food from my family.
    I have heard that they are also moving in on the bricklayers, but there is a union who's toes they are stepping on and from what I hear, the bricklayers union is not one to mess with.
    I say this, we don't steal their women, why should they steal our jobs?
    If they play by the same rules then all would be fine, but using their religion to cut our throats is total B.S.
    AND then to top it all off, people think that the Amish are such great workers. I was talking to a girl at DQ the other day and she was asking me where I was working, she said she saw that the Amish were working there also. Then she said " They are some hard workers aren't they?" Well by the look I gave her she knew she hit a spot. I said, How the hell are they hard workers. They show up between 9-10 am and leave at 2:30p. I work from 7 am and leave at 5:30 p and I am not?????
    You want quality from the Amish, go buy a pie, or a wooden chair. You want a quality built house? Better look elsewhere.

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    Ohh yeah, any of you amish people reading this, go ahead and reply. I'm sure you guys surf the net too.

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