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Thread: SHHH! Be Vewwy Quiet!

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    Our HNN (Hillbilly News Network) photographer managed to snap these pics of a new fuel managment system under secret development at the Wideopen545 shop today in spite of the "strict" security around the place.


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    hey thanks for posting the pics hope you made it up the hill ok let me know on the other thing i will shoot you a pm with a name and phone number

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    holy smokes!! you gona need some number 12 fuel line !! lol

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    Wet Dream
    Hell, it didn't take you long to buy and install that piece did it?
    Did you get your catalog from Big Al's?

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    Wet Dream
    Does NASA know that its missing?

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    Originally posted by wideopen545
    this is the fuel rail we made

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    Dr. Eagle
    Originally posted by Wet Dream
    Does NASA know that its missing?
    Yeah, you know it is against the law to steal things off of fighter jets...

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    That is a sweet looking fuel rail for sure, but I hope you're not going to use one regulator, unless that is a bypass type regulator.

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    iam useing a bg 400 the line is pressure set 14 psi to the reg and 17 psi on the return to the tank i have used this reg for four years works ok with no pressure drop

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