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    I know get the prop questions but Im gonna be specific I have a new Ultra 21LX 454 Bravo 1 went very fast with the 23 Mirage plus Jason gave me but couldnt pull the fat boys out too good, any suggestions would help me out a bunch .By the way Mr West you are doing a great job

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    sorry about that guys I should have spell checked

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    I was on Land-&-Sea's web site and saw they make an automatic adjustable prop. I have not used this but the video they have on their site makes it look pretty good. They show great bottom end and also increased top end. Has anyone ever used this prop with a 350 or bigger?

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    Thanks for the feedback, the 23 mirage is agreat top speed prop, but for what you're doing I would suggest a 23 offshore four blade or a 22 bravo four blade, both have excellent out of the hole performance, without giving up too much top end. Rather than buying one, if you have a chance you can come down to the factory with your boat and we will lend you some props to try, our local lakes are open thursday to monday. Give me a call if you would like to try some out. By the way that goes for anybody, not just Ultra owners. I just need some advanced notice to make sure I have the correct props in stock.

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