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    just got back from havasu, what a great weekend lotsa of boats in the channel sat. the fireworks display was excellent, we couldnt launch at the springs water still to low, but cattail cove was perfect man i cant wait for summer...derek

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    Derek: your boat looks great. Such a smooth gel that lavey does. I was parked next to your boat in the channel for about an hour on saturday afternoon but there was nobody around your boat (well except all the trash sitting one the sidewalk getting wasted). Wish it was a little warmer out on the lake saturday. KELLY

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    HUSTLER sorry i missed you i went to get some lunch big ordeal the mexican food joint is closed also that sandwich deli is closed for good had to go to the london bridge pub for lunch 60.00 hamburgers 3 of them i was in shock on how many boats were there.......

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    yeah, we did the same thing and then decided to go to the other side and try out the cantina place behind the new condo's/hotel-really good mexican food from that joint, just not much of a view from the balcony. There was a shitload of boats beached on the other side throughout the whole day-was really suprised at the amount of performance boats compared to anything else there.

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