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Thread: tires... help!

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    I was going to put this in tow rigs but it's more active here
    I need to get new tires for my truck,I drive in some harsh
    places,deep mud,heavy pit run,plain old beat to shit roads.I blew the sidewall out of the bridgestone dueller m/t s comming home yesterday,and need to go tommorow to get some new tires
    (these lasted for 30000 km) they cost me 1300 for a set, I,m going through tires 3-4 times a year so I figure I might as well buy cheaper ones that are still durable
    those of you who drive in shitty places, what are you running and how do they hold up?

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    The Duke
    You need some heavy duty round ones

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    well that's a start.....idiot

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    You still trying to keep the off-road tires I take it.
    Seems like a lot of people have the BF All Terrain on their trucks. They are more reasonable and you get more miles out of them. You said you hit some tough terrain, not sure if it would be enough.

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    That's what a friend of mine is running,they are on the top of my list at the moment I'd rather spend 800 a few times than 1300 a few times
    without hearing how other brands last for people who drive on this crap
    it's hard to make a judgment call,every salesman tells you "oh yeah they are the best out there", then blammo 3000 km,s
    and no warrenty cause of "abuse"

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    I use to get pretty decent wear from Yokahama all terrains I use to get from Costco... I bought them because they were cheap, but they wore pretty good...

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    The Yoko "Geolandars" are actually really good tires for the price.
    I personally run BFG's for a variety of reasons. Number one is sidewall reliability. I have used them for almost every truck, in nearly every condition and never had a failure. I am running mud terrains right now and love them. Kindof spendy though.

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    whats a set of them costing you and what are you getting for milage out of a set?

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    I run the procomp Xterrain tires in my truck and have been happy with them Their has been a couple of times that I hit things that should have puntured the sidewall and id not.

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    Wild Horses
    Don't know what anybody else thinks but I've run Big O tires on all of my 4x4s. Anytime I have a problem BAM! new tire no questions asked. (they all come with road hazard)
    They even gave me two new tires that my tire chains tore up the sidewalls on, though I did have to work them over a little bit.

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