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Thread: Why is it

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    Blown 472
    that stock motors with roller cams can go 100,000 miles with out any trouble with the dist gear, but race rollers eat gears like crazy?

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    Easy: Fisting.

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    Blown 472
    Originally posted by LakesOnly
    Easy: Fisting.

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    Liberator TJ1984
    It,s not the angle of the dangle ...It's the bore of the *****
    Spring pressures and ramp angles

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    But seriously Blown, I dunno.
    Speculation: When I put a 1990 fuelie 318 into my 1983 Ramcharger, I switched to a 4-bbl manifold. I saw the roller lifters and chain. All new motors have 'em...probably to help meet epa mileage requirements...
    I guess they'll last longer in my case because I'm rarely above 3500 rpm and have wimpy stock valve springs.
    Off the top of my head, that's all I care to speculate.

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    Probably because aftermarket roller cams are billet. And you have to use a bronze gear. Where the factory rollers probably have a cast camshaft and therefore you use a steel gear.
    Seems the cam grinders were offering some options for a cast gear on roller cams. Thought it was comp cams offering that.
    I use a Super Mag III. Hard on the bronze gears.

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    Oh...Blown was asking about the gears. I missed that one...

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