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Thread: boat pics \ history needed

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    I understand it is under primerbut ,I hope someone can help. Just wondering about history of boat, when i sanded i found yellow,red and blue strips, and a little fiberglass repair on deck in front of dash , i will post paint pics later THANKS alot THOMAS

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    Big Proppa
    That hydro belonged to two buddies of mine at seperate times
    We also sanded it down and found the original gell, but the owner decided to take the steps needed in making the hull perfect. He spent at least 200 hours repairing the little stress cracks that it had before he sold it to my other buddy who primed it. In fact, that picture is in mouzers yard, he belongs to these boards also.
    Great looking hydro, I think you will be very happy with it.
    Good Luck.

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    THOMAS, is somebody ever gonna finish this boat.....its gone through 3 or 4 owners looking like that.....its all good cheif.

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    Is that the boat that Pipes Clean did all that work on??

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    THAT IS WHERE I PICK IT UP AT NOW IN OKLAHOMA!!! AND YES IT WILL FLOAT AND RUN THIS SUMMER:I have a blown gas 496 that will power it , i will post paint pics tommorrow and see what youll think, i am really glad to see someone knows about my ride, cya tommorrow THANKS ALOT THOMAS

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    Big Proppa
    Ya Super that's the one - he's been in therapy ever since

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    I did do some of the work on it!.........its all good cheif!

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