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Thread: Lavey's Catalina Invasion

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    Feb 22, LaveyCraft is having its first annual Catalina fun run. This should be a great run. There should be at least 10-12 Laveys and 3 to 4 85mph+ 2750's. I know some people doubt the performance of the 2750 hull. If you would like to see how they handle first hand, come out and play this Sunday.

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    I hope some of you salty dogs can come and run with us . It should be a great day for boating and drinks on the island is ALWAYS a good thing.
    We are heading out of the Queen Mary launch ramp at 7:30 a.m., Sun., Feb. 22. I think Wild Lavey is launching out of Davies but we're gonna meet up for the group run. Either ramp is good. I look forward to meeting some of you from these boards.
    See Ya!

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    Faster Daddy
    We'll see you at the Island and run back with ya. Were going to head out of Oceanside. Look forward to meeting everyone!

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    Nick I will round up some of the RRX boys to come play ..........see ya on the water

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    looking forward to meet you too faster.
    barry, round up the clan. this should be an awesome run.

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    We'll see if it works for us. The Essex was bored on Havasu this week-end, no waves.
    Later, Mike&Kim

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    Sun burners

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    whats up mike. are you going to make it? how was havasu? didnt make it out there. i got invited to an exclusive party on fri night.

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    Havasu was nice. Water is cool, but the sun was warm. Lots of boats on the lake & with only the north side @ Winsor open it was a little slow. The fireworks were the bomb. I needed a week not a week-end. It sucks towing the boat out and back, but then we get to play in the ocean also. I hope the storm thats comming is gone by Sunday. The swells are 5'- 6' now, could be a slow run.
    Late, Mike

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    Havasu Luvr
    Hey Nick, what time do you plan on launching and what is the official name of the ramp so I may print out a Map Quest for directions. I may want to launch there.

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