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Thread: Boat storage.. pull or store??

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    Hey everyone.... doing a little preliminary research here and was wondering how many of you tow your boats to Havasu, and how many just store it there. Also what sizes are you renting and for how much. I'm just looking into if it's worth building something (storage complex with a private club on top) or just continue beaching in the channel and drink beer and suck on the CO2. Personally I store mine in a 40' bay for $172/month
    Your input will help... Thanks

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    I'm using London bridge storage 12x34 135 per. 26' DCB

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    Towing sucks. We store one in our garage at our place in Havasu and the other boat in storage. We need a bigger place.

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    Is London Brige Storage a good secure place?? Sounds like I'm getting bent over for my storage... I keep mine at Desert Harbor, over behind Walmart. Do they have lights in the unit and electricity and water?? I might have to see if they have an open unit if they do.

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    I store my boat. I look at it this way. With all the wear and tear towing puts on your truck as well as the increased chance of getting a ticket, paying for storage makes it worth while. You get to the river faster and get home faster which ='s more time for boating.
    The one thing that sucks, you can't work on your boat and spend quality time with it when it's not in your garage.

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    Originally posted by Lightning
    The one thing that sucks, you can't work on your boat and spend quality time with it when it's not in your garage.
    Ha! Thats funny because I know how you feel. I also like to look at and poke around my toys even when they arent being used.

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    25 Eagle
    Covered slip with a Hydro-Hoist gets my vote. Nothing like that down there?

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    We would prob store but we go so many diff places besides the river. Plus short trips. Sure would save wear and tear and you can drive faster though.

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    Store It !! I keep my 26' in Ft. Mojave. That way if I decide to go to Lake Mohave OR launch at Park Moabi, I'm halfway between either place. I'm paying $100/mo. and they put it away, all I do is drop it off, and call before I wanna pick it up.

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    I pull. I like to chill and leave late at night or early in the morning. Plus, with the little one, I dont do many hi speed runs to the river any more.

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