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Thread: BBC short blocks

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    Do you guys know where you can get good quality BBC short blocks for good prices. It doesnt have to be a hardcore short block just made up of good quality parts. Looking for 454-502 to be used in a 18 foot Brendella jet boat. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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    how many do you want/need?

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    You could try these guys!..
    Sallee (
    SDPC (

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    Just need one. Looking to replace our 454 that we had last year.. We spun a bearing and tore some stuff up, camshaft is gone. So we need to completely redue everything. Just want a running motor again, doesnt need to be crazy power full. Thanks again Ian

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    Blowin Money
    I have a 89 454 bbc intac to oilpan $1500.00
    give me a call David 4806592022

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