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Thread: What is so good about Eliminator?

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    I want the real scoop. I took the tour at Mira Loma, i have even taken a demo ride at Elsinore, and I was impressed. Keep in mind I was also impressed by Cheetah Bob when he gave me his tour in LHC. Well i'll just say cheetah was my first tour ever.
    I don't know didly squat about boats as I have never owned one. I'm in the market for a Hot Boat. Not Interested in a Gayliner type boat or a Mastercrap. So I think I'm headed in the right direction.
    Tell me why I should or should not buy a Eliminator. I would like to hear first hand info. Not what you think so n so didn't like about them.

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    Very good boats. It has been my experience that their salesmen will seriously high-ball you the first time you talk to them. If you really want one of their boats, be persistent and negotiate until they come down to a reasonable price. When I was shopping for 28' cats in 2002, they quoted me 95k for the LP with base small block power. I laughed and hung up the phone! Ended up buying a Magic cat for 30 grand less.

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    Do what I did. Go to Force, lots of stuff for the cash. Go check out DCB, and I would check out that new shockwave Cat. That thing looked good at the boat show, don't know if they got that thing into water yet. There are also the Arizona boat builders. Do ALOT of research and ask alot of stupid questions like I did. Get test drives with all of Mfgs. :wink:

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    Its really funny that the first two replies have said to shop elsewhere. Eliminator owners chime in. Lets hear your praise!

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    Dog House do you feel that you have less of a boat? Does the Magic do it for you or do you find yourself still drooling at the 28 Daytonas?

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    My last boat was an Eliminator, it was nothing crazy just a basic ski boat. Shop around, there are tons of great boats these days. Back in the day Eliminator was the shit, today I dont believe it has that same persona. Best of luck, any choice is a great choice, just get the most bang for your buck. IE somewhere else......

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    The boards are the shit! The ability to talk to others about huge purchases is priceless. Its rediculous that the damn prices rise each year. I guess someone is paying the price???

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    25 Eagle
    Name recognition is one part of it. Remember the two happiest days of a boat owners life? Some day you will sell your boat and the off the wall brand you buy today may not even be around tomorrow when you want to unload it. Mariah comes to mind right now, when we looked at deck boats in '97 the salesman told us about lifetime warrantee this and lifetime that, the company is history now. Glad we didn't buy into that BS. Eliminator has been around since '69 and a lot of people know the name, a big plus for resale. Eliminator has race boats that get TV air time, this doesn't hurt either. Eliminator is also opening stores and factories in other states which helps, remember it's not all about left coast boats, Havasu is not the only body of water on the planet. Your going to be making a large investment so you may want to consider a few of these things. Good Luck

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    Originally posted by SHOTKALLIN
    Dog House do you feel that you have less of a boat? Does the Magic do it for you or do you find yourself still drooling at the 28 Daytonas?
    Being a motorhead at heart, I can usually be found drooling over just about any boat that has lots of shiny go-fast hardware!
    IMO the 28 Daytona is worth a little more than the 28 Magic because it's a bigger boat. I'm sure that I could have negotiated the price down some, but it was clear that it would have ended up beyond my price range. Also, the size of the 28 Daytona seems best suited for twins. If you want to compare a Daytona more directly to the Magic, you would want to use the 25 or 26 instead.
    I'm very happy with the Magic; as a single engine cat, it's just the right size. We boat camp a lot and the mid-cabin works well for us. I also really like the smooth lines and the full swim deck, something you can't get in many other cats. It's a great all around boat and a solid value for the price.

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    Nothing is good about them

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