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Thread: Pocket Bikes

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    OK, I`m still at 50:1 but about to lean this mutha out to 100:1
    Outboard ratio. I`m still only running Sthil mix.
    Wanna know how to get some r`s outa this bitch? Gotta clock mine but I`m willing to bet that I`m 43 to 47 mph now. Here`s a couple tricks:
    align motor(may have to slot yours like mine)
    align brakes(leave rear a lil` loose)
    take paking material out of silencer
    drill small hole in rear silencer cup
    aluminum pipe to cover tailpipe(carefully cut to length then re-insert silencer-pipe should fit in cup)
    front tire at 22psi
    rear tire at 45 (top end-cause its gonna have bottom after you do these things)
    air filter cage(clip out nickle sized plastic oil deflector)
    adjust needle to the fifth(lowest) setting-fatten the bitch
    I found that #3 was the highest top end almost to the point of wheel wobble but a dead spot on the bottom that idle mixture couldn`t remove. Lowest setting had the whole package.
    My next attempt is to open up the venturi maybe .10,,,,maybe
    I will be trying stiffer clutch springs soon too as to be in the power band out of the turns.
    I`ve got to get a wheelie! Then I`m done.

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    Figurred I`d pull this from the Sandbar and put it where it belongs.

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    Has anyone found different clutch springs? I`ve checked everywhere. I need stiffer ones. This is a 3 shoe setup.

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    OK. Took 45 out of the phenolic and 45 out of the back side of the venturi. Nor for the front side. Can`t go bigger than the slide! Will see what I gain.

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    Pinhole through the fuel feed vein! JB Weld again.
    Where`s that ol` copy of Tractor Pull?

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    Kim Hanson
    Originally posted by HOSS
    Pinhole through the fuel feed vein! JB Weld again.
    Where`s that ol` copy of Tractor Pull?
    Hoss, send me a picture of one these thing's.........( . )( . ).....

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    Look in the Sandbar under Pocket Bikes. Probably the 2nd to last page.

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    2nd to last page under Pocket bikes. By now thats on the 2nd or 3rd page.

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    Hoss, if you're gonna go 100:1, I assume the motor is water cooled.
    Try Amsoil Pure Synthetic 100:1, the original, blue-dyed stuff, not any of their other stuff. Start at 70:1 and go up in 10:1 increments. Watch your EGT or cyl head temp as you lean out oil/gas ratio and jet accordingly. Don't forget plug readings
    I know kart racers who have run 1 oz/ga (128:1). I ran a shifter kart and ran it at about 60:1. It varies.
    Want more power out of your 2-stroke?
    Measure Squish:
    ~~Pull the plug, unravel some thin solder and stick it in the spark plug hole...up against the side of the cylinder (NOT into any port!). Kick it over to flatten the solder between piston and head. Measure with a micrometer and record. Repeat two more times equal thirds around the cylinder. I bet you it's at about .040"-.045" squish clearance. Remove head and turn down so that squish is about .028"-.030". Results: power band the same but motor pulls harder.
    Widen exhaust port:
    ~~Do not widen greater than 65% of bore. Result: Power band same, but motor pulls much harder. May require re-jet.
    Raise roof of exhaust port:
    (Be careful as two strokes are sensitive to port timing...the smaller the displacement the more sensitive).
    ~~Raise 0.5 mm at a time. <--BE CAREFUL. Do not go too high, or the little motor will be piss-winding and not producing any power at all. Result: More top end power and higher rpm. Re-jet required.

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    Thanks bro. Squash the 100:1 idea. 50:1 is all I`m going. My idle quality is non existant. Haven`t put it together but I milled past the slide. In other words,,,,way too much air for idle. I am going to try jets. The motor isn`t water cooled so the 50:1 is probably all I can do safely.
    This motor is a reed design and uses vains or channels along the chamber. I want to do exhaust porting but for now I will have my hands full with the carb issue. I took 45 out! Thats a whole lot of hoggin` for such a small carb.
    I`ve thought of compression but am wondering if I would be hurting volumetric effeciency with the crankcase draft induction system.

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