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Thread: Intake grate

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    21 ft Liberator Tunnel with Dominator pump and 502. How far should the intake grate be below the pump intake?

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    Duane HTP
    That's a loaded question. We need more information. What HP? What speed? How does the boat handle? Nose High or low? Any porposing problem? Does the boat run wet or dry at WOT??????
    Where's Jack?

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    The engine is a GMPP 502 rated at 500 hp and runs around 70 to 75 per speedo with 4 people and fuel. Seems to run pretty flat not really raising the nose very much. No porposing problem exept at cruise speeds but diverter takes care of that. Loader was purchased from Mikes Pump & Speed here in Houston TX and is similar to the Hardin Marine SS.

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    Duane HTP
    PWA Check your PM.

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